A simplified end-to-end full suite payment infrastructure

How Q-lipay works?

Key Features

Real Time

  • Real-time/near-time direct payments to service providers across multiple emerging countries
  • Instant confirmation to sender

One-stop shop

  • One connection to millions of recipients
  • Multiple services with hundreds of millions of payable bills and services

Simple API

  • Simple, reliable, secure and powerful API that is easy to integrate
  • Ability to provide cross border bill payments to end-users quickly


  • Multi-currency support to handle payments to domestic service providers in local currency
  • Simple integration of sales partners

Product Benefits

Sender Benefits

Benefits for Senders

  • The sender has control over how the money is spent.
  • The sender can verify the bill amount.
Recipient Benefits

Benefits for Recipients

  • No long waiting times to collect money and pay bills.
  • No long travel distances to collect money and pay bills.